Paige Marie Evans

In my random search of today’s post, I came across Australian Paige Marie Evans who I’m sure all of us have never heard of. I’m not even a bit surprised, the Aussies have been giving the world some great tail this generation. I’m no scientist but I have this feeling it has something to do with finally breeding out all the bad British genes that has plagued the continent for the last 200 years. But as usual, the joke is on the UK. They’re left with a bunch of beat, crooked teeth, stupid sounding inbreeds (sorry?) while the land of tomorrow is pumping out models left and right.

Daily thought: Sometimes I wonder if certain girls actually want to be in porn or adult magazines. Does peer pressure still exist at older ages. Do they get unknowingly get forced into these situations by friends that made poor decisions themselves, maybe their deadbeat boyfriend wants the extra cash. I guess either way and in the end, just be your own person. Friends come and go. There isn’t anything that dictates whether you can drop everything and start from scratch.

Paige, I’m a fan but remember, blonde is definitely your color; stick with that. Good luck on your journey, whatever it is you’re after.

There’s a fairly safe for work gallery you can check out.