Humpday Top 10 Mid May

Alright, it’s Wednesday so the amount of girls wanting to show off their butts is uncountable. Whoever invented this day is a very brave soul. It’s the day hopes and dreams came true for many.

??Be careful. @a_MAVRIN #MAVRIN #MAVRINmodels #GalinaDub

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remember this pic?

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Goodbye sea! #mayfest

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#raw #nofilter by @shannonvision mua @maddiebuffardi ❤️

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A dormir ?#kathearoca

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Noel Leon Again

I’m always defending myself against being called an anti Feminist. For some that may not be a big deal, but for me; I have a strong belief in woman that make their own. Especially if they feel like the best way is to take their clothes off for money. I will always stand strong with them and help out where I can. This has always been a team effort and I’m in it for the long run. Now on to the good stuff. Back by popular demand but mostly because I’m nice, you guys have been searching the shit out of Noel Leon. Here’s some more for you to scroll through. Remember, I’m here to help.



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gσσ∂ мσяиιиg #happyhumpday #beachvibes

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Noel Leon

I am usually mistaken as an anti feminist. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m all for women empowerment, especially when it comes to feeling like they need to constantly take their clothes off for attention. I have donated thousands to women around the world at the women shelters known to some as strip clubs. They offer jobs, warm meals and possibly fame to these girls and I am always happy to help. This is Noel Leon and I stand with her.


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