Lindsey Lamson

I have a lot of respect for girls that take to their calling, even more so when that includes showing their bodies in the hopes that one day they can lock down some rich guy. Everything would be fine the first year or so, lots of vacations and accepting this new lifestyle. But they’ll end up cheating on each other because he’s always out working and she likes getting donkey punched but he’s too much of a gentleman. I see this story way too much, it’s becoming as normal as buying a car. There is the odd chance that things could work out fine. I’m a dreamer I guess and everyone is different. This is Lindsey Lamson, I have a lot of hope for her. She should kick your Friday up a notch. You can also “Book” her, whatever that means.. Give her a follow if you’re not already and scroll through.

Happy Friday ? taken by @jonmor_

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Can’t believe it’s my birthday! Thanks for all the love on snapchat ? shot by Mr. @keithforeman

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Sweet dreams ?. This shot was taken by @caseylorzphoto

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Hope everyone had a safe St. Patrick’s day. This shot was taken by @girlsonglass last week.

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My favorite asset ??? taken by @karlyamashita

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From my shoot today with @mgaphoto1 #happyhumpday

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#sundaybumday #arsenic @bobbyprom

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TBT Back Cache

It’s Throw Back Thursday today and I know how excited you are. Honestly I think that a lot of girls out there have been getting it wrong for years. TBT isn’t about showing a picture from something you did 2 years ago and now you’re too poor do do anything fun anymore. It’s very literal in the sense that you show your damn back. So I present to you, a bunch of backs.

Back to basics.. Good Night ? Photo: @rockoiturriaga

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What Mondays look like at @cape.yamu #islandlife #poolgoals

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#sundaybumday #arsenic @bobbyprom

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? tan lines #kellerrose x @lolaandlamar x @glotatts

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Viernes por fin!!! ? @pinkflamingomx @pinkflamingomx @pinkflamingomx @pinkflamingomx

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Let's take a dip ? @brukinis @jordankrate

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@frankieswimwear Nude Bikini in the golden hour ☀️ #frankieswimwear #summer16

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End of April Humpday

Welcome to another Humpday. It’s real, it’s life, it’s what fills our workday full of distractions. Now scroll through and get back to it.

#sundaybumday #arsenic taken by @mrmortonovich

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When you sit on a beach chair and then you get up with these marks ?

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G banga’s ??

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My partner in crime ???

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Take you to a paradise far far away, we’ll return again some other day ☀️ @marilynhue

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Still my favourite photo this year. What’s yours? ?

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I really love your ?s Wanna shake your ?

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Work out results coming along ?? #workout #weights

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