Kasey Hill

Kasey Hill is your average Aussie blonde trying to get away from their country like the plague. They say that if an Australian girl doesn’t leave in time, they start to grow trashy tats down their arms and crotches. It’s what happens when they stick around long enough to get touched by someone who doesn’t make taxable income. I’ve seen it many times and it’s not pretty. For some reason, their only course of safety is getting on that green card diet. Kasey should be safe, the risk lowers after age 30. I wish her good luck.

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Good morning? Wearing @nakedwardrobe #nakedwardrobe

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Humpday May 18

In certain circumstances I end up following the crowd, but it’s more because everyone expects things out of habit. Humpday is one of these times where I am actually more than happy to follow with old traditions. I and millions of others around the globe have accepted this day into our lives. There are millions of girls every week baring it for the cause and  I don’t think we’ve got around to thanking them. So thank you internet attention seekers, without you we wouldn’t have Humpday.

summers coming & I'm waitinggg ?? ? @kounelliphotography

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Кто куда едет отдыхать на майские?☀️? ?:@a_korshun

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Having a #HumpDay affair with my girl @rosannaarkle ?? #HappyHumpDay. Photographer ✖️ @tristanmanas

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ride the wave ? @willyscouts #willyscouts

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