Valentines 2017

I’m actually quite surprised by the turn out this year, everyone needs to give themselves a good pat on the back. Valentines has finally evolved into a lingerie slut fest like halloween. I have to admit I tried my hardest to compile the best of today, but Instagram was working against me with their damn algorithms. It should still do the trick. I’m sure half of the girls with their boxes of chocolates and flowers went out weeks ago, bought their props from Safeway and met up with their photographer that they hook up with for free shoots. The things they do for us, I’ll be the first to say thanks for the hard work. Scroll through.

#ValentinesVibes ✨?✨

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I’m a sucker for flowers any day of the year. Happy Valentines Babes ?

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Happy Valentine’s Day ?

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Be mine? ❤️#happyvalentinesday @ogfoto

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Happy Valentines my babies ❤

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It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day if we didn’t all get some ? #theashleydee #latinbeauty #valentinesday ? @thashotta ? @theashleydee

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Jamie Michelle

What do you do when you’re closing in on 30, addicted to other peoples coke all while hitting rock bottom and basically homeless? There’s generally three main choices a girl can fall back onto, some dive into stripping or porn. For others, escorting is a more discreet way to earn a living, all while living a relatively normal life. Then there’s option 3, because heaven forbid a thirsty 25+ year old get an actual job; Playboy – Cam girl porn. Playboy was a more respected brand 5 years ago, now branched off around the world and basically broke; they have nose dived with a roster of mostly scabs and drug attics. They tried to turn their magazine around to basically a nudeless, paper click bait – ad cesspool. So excuse me for being skeptical when a girl gets excited for being on a page halfway through a Mexican issue.  Jamie Michelle is an older girl, I feel like she made a lot of bad choices in her life and still has not found a real man that can get her out of the hole that she buried herself into trying to pay for that boob job. Now she does straight porn, you can see what I mean here. I hope someday soon she can find real love from a nice rich guy so she can turn the cam off and worry about which island they’re going to visit every month. Scroll through and feel better about yourself that you don’t have to snap randoms to afford lunch.

You guys miss me yet? . . ?@ikandicouture . ?@ogfoto

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Touch me without using your hands.? . . Shot by @ogfoto Glam @ikandicouture

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PS4: MiissJamie Xbox same gamer tag ? . Leave your gamer tag?? . ? @ogfoto ?@ikandicouture . .

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Views . Shot by @ogfoto

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? You should really check out my Twitter in about 5 JamieMichelleTv just sayin ?? @ogfoto #MiissJamieMichelle #JamieMichelle #jamiemichelletv

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He loves me?… .❤️ . . . He loves me not?…?

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???????????????????? @ryan.gunter

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ᑕ⚙ᗰƎ Ꮤᗩ✞ᑕℍ ✞ℍƎ ᔕυИᔕƎ✞ ᏔᎥ✞ℍ ᗰƎ! . ?@eyecandycoutture . . ?@ogfoto

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