Elise Natalie

Elise Natalie Duncan is the Aussie in this weekends cache. You can check out her own portfolio here. Make sure you give her a follow.

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016

So I was minding my own business in the drug store today, I walked past the magazine isle and caught a glimpse of the cover of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition (something I have literally never cared about before). Looking at the farm animal that they dressed in human bathing attire, I almost lost my lunch. I have never been so mad in my life, I honestly can’t believe the shit PC feminists are ramming down our throats. It’s too much and getting worse everyday. Here is Ashley M Mason to take your mind off how shitty things are getting. The end of times…


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Hey ?

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UFC 196 Upset

There’s a lot of people out there bitching about this weekend. I called both main fights exactly how they went down. When you’re too cocky and you put your guard down on purpose, that’s what you get. I want to show you Libby Powell, finally she puts her guard down and shows us how awful her implants are. Everyone wins this weekend..


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1, 2 many ćelfies

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