Oceana Strachan

There’s a photoshoot that’s been making it’s rounds with model Oceana Strachan. She really makes me feel like there is a life worth living in this current time of Ultra Politically Correct. UPC is the real world Hydra eating society from the inside out. It’s run and forced by ugly poor people and the problem is, there are too many of those. Ugly poor people are everywhere and their numbers and negativity grow daily. The media held them at bay as long as they could, making them worship good looking people in Magazines and on TV. They actually tried to make themselves better and there was a sense of peace. But thanks to the internet, they took the same tool used on them to band together to hate everything and everyone that’s smarter, more attractive and more wealthy. Sports Illustrated is a great example, it’s been turned into a catalog of cheeseburger eating, dumpy ladies that won’t live past 50 thanks to diabetes(God exists). I’m sorry to beat you in the head with depressing reality today, it’s the frozen truth that we need to vent about now and then.

The light at the end of today’s tunnel is this Australian model down below.

You can check out her portfolio here. Make sure you give her a follow and click for the gallery.


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