Marisa Papen

Belgian Marisa Papen was an easy follow on Instagram, but now to most; has fallen off the radar. If you check out her personal blog here, you’ll see that she has kept perfectly busy with photoshoots and travelling. Most of her work which everyone¬†would consider art, is considered risky and derogatory to the Instagram police. I’m sure having constant take downs, even with posts that weren’t that bad, got extremely frustrating. I encourage you to give her blog a read, it’s pretty immersive into the more carefree wanderlust lifestyle. I’m hoping someday she brings out¬†big hardcopy book of her best work, with stories in between (I’m down to help this get rolling). Other than that, I wish her good luck and hope she finds whatever it is she’s looking for. I have a couple NSFW galleries for you guys to check out. Scroll through.




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