Lucie Jaid Update

Lucie Jaid Mcconnell is back with a small development for imaginations that run wild, mainly mine I guess. But it’s confirmed, she has a real job and doesn’t need to escort or suck dicks to get into a Netflix movie. That’s if you believe her. I’d say out of life experience, 70% of the things a female says is a lie.


But you know me, I like to trust everyone. Her acting profile on StarNow has been set to private, you can check that out here, but she doesn’t act. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m a fan and I think she’s going places. Everyone strives to be better and I feel like she’s at that point where a nose job is the final project. Half of me wishes she did start escorting so she could book her consultation tomorrow. The alternative would be to start a gofundme to save her from that dark path.

You decide.

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Hanging out at @flykickschapel chapel street ?

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Just say you will come through and chill ☔️☁️

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Back at it ?? Wearing @adctiv as per ?

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Free ?

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