Intact Insurance Untrustworthy

This was sent in by a friend:


This is my personal BAD experience with Intact insurance company.

In December I was involved in an accident when a girl in a car pulled out in front of me into my lane as I was in an intersection. I had to swerve and we ended up side swiping each other. Accident was deemed 100% her fault. I wasn’t really in a rush to get anything done yet since I just got back from Hawaii, I was busy with work and I had to finish renovating the house I was moving into. I ended up getting called by the police in January to go down and complete and accident report and statement. Basically my passenger side was scraped and pushed in from the front bumper to the back tire also I have to turn the steering wheel right to drive straight. I attached a picture that I took right after the accident showing a chunk of her car stuck in my rim (bottom right corner) .


In February I went to Mexico, I guess a adjuster was assigned to my account and was trying to get a hold of me by phone, she left a few voicemails. I ended up getting back and my insurance broker reminded me to give them a call. I ended up calling and spoke to Antonette Rigo gave my statement and mentioned the damages which were the passenger side body, the front rim and the service electrical brake warning message that appeared, she set everything up to have my Jeep looked at by Craftsman Collision 5509 – 1A Street SW Calgary, AB for March 4, 2016. I ended up using Hertz as a rental because I have status with them.

March 4, I arrive at Craftsman Collision and Brian is the receptionist that ends up taking my file. We do a walk through, go through the damage. The body work is obvious as well as the rim. I mentioned the alignment and the electrical brake warning light and he said that alignment is common and he’d have to get the computer scanned for the warning light.

We were talking about the damage estimates and I told him that this Jeep won’t be worth anything if the damage is over 5000$ especially because of previous accidents when I initially bought it. He agreed with me and told me that as soon as he gets the estimate on the Monday March 7 he will send me a copy and let me work it out with Intact to get a total loss.

The next portion is call logs and conversations that had transpired.

Monday March 7 comes around and I call Brian at 2:34 PM. I ask him what the estimate came out to and he told me that they didn’t have time to look at it yet, it will be now Tuesday before he can make up an estimate. He confirmed my email with me to send me a copy to go over with Intact about what I wanted to do if the repair was too much.

Tuesday March 8. I call Craftsman Collision at 12:12 PM and talk to Brian. I ask for an update on the estimate. He told me the Estimate is over 6000$ and he is sending me a copy of it. I did not receive a copy. He said that for sure it’s going to get written off, especially if I accept less than it’s worth. He also said an appraiser is coming out the next day to find out what they are going to give me for it. I said great, I don’t allow any work done to the Jeep because I don’t trust Insurance companies. He said no problem.

Tuesday March 8 5:24 I call Intact, adjuster not available requested a call back.

Tuesday March 8 I start vehicle shopping. I find a new SUV and start financing on it.

Wednesday March 9 10:54 AM I call Craftsman Collision and talk to Brian. I ask if the appraiser has been there yet and to get him to contact me when he does because I want to go over my Jeep with him. He said that he hasn’t been there yet and will let me know.

Thursday March 10 3:03 PM I call Intact, my adjuster is not in so I dialed 0 to speak to someone else. I asked them what the appraiser came out with because I don’t want any work done to it and I was willing to take a total loss on it for around 6000$. They said that he did not submit any information yet and to call back tomorrow.

Friday March 11 12:44 Tried to call adjuster, not available.

Friday March 11 12:45 Tried to call adjuster, not available.

Friday March 11 12:45 Tried to call adjuster, not available. Pressed 0 for next available. I asked if the appraiser had submitted his report, they said he hasn’t yet and it might not be until Monday March 14. I let them know that I had found a new vehicle so I needed everything taken care of soon. I also asked how long my rental was initially approved until because I was sure that it was only a week. They said they would call Hertz to extend until Tuesday.

Monday March 14 12:19 PM I call Intact my adjuster is not available.

Monday March 14 12:20 PM I call Intact, my adjuster is not available. I pressed 0 to speak with someone else. I asked what the appraiser came back with, she said he had it at 7600. I said that was wrong, it should have been lower but I guess I’ll take it. She told me that my Jeep is almost fixed. I said that’s impossible because I told them not to do any work on the Jeep. She told me they didn’t have any notes on that and she would have the Appraiser call me to get to the bottom of it.

Monday March 14 12:30 I drove over to Craftsman Collision absolutely furious, I asked Brian how this happened. He said “those dirty assholes(Intact) went behind your back and had us fix everything”. He said that there’s nothing they could do, the appraiser came and told them to finish. My Jeep will be done within the next couple of days and they will call me to let me know when I can come and pick it up.

Monday March 14 12:46 The Appraiser called me, He said that he searched online and the average in Calgary was around 7000$. I told him that I searched as well and non of those other Jeeps had the same high miles as mine and he agreed. He said that the Jeep already had a bunch of work done to it by the time he got there. I asked him who approved it because when I dropped it off, all I was getting was an Estimate of damages. I told him the shop gave me a ball park of what it was and I immediately was going for total loss because a 6000$ accident on carfax would make my vehicle worthless. He said one accident wasn’t going to affect it and I called him out that he didn’t look at the vehicle history at all to make an appraisal. There were prior accidents from before I bought it in the thousands. He said oh well, what’s done is done.

Monday March 14 1:26 I called Intact, adjuster not available. Pressed 0 to talk to someone else. I was so angry. I asked who approved everything to be fixed behind my back. I asked what can be done. I am in the middle of buying a new SUV and can’t deal with how shady the entire claim has went down. They basically said that it’s the way it goes and those are the risks I take by driving on the roads and using insurance….. The conversation got nowhere.

Wednesday March 16 11:47 AM Hertz left a voicemail  to let me know that my car has been done since Tuesday March 15 and that Intact isn’t paying for the day difference.

Wednesday March 16 3:05 PM I call Intact, adjuster not available. Dial 0 to speak with someone else. I asked why my car rental called me to let me know that my vehicle was done the day before but no one else let me know. He said on their records Craftsman called me to let me know it was done and I will have to pay the extra day car rental. I said nobody called me, they are obviously lying.. He put me on hold and called Craftsman. He came back and said that I went in there on the Monday and they told me it was going to be done the next day on Tuesday. I said I went there to find out who screwed me over and they told me that they would call because they weren’t sure when it would be done because it still had to be cleaned. Finally he agreed that they made a mistake and called Hertz to cover it.

Wednesday March 16 3:30 PM I went to Craftsman Collision to pick up the Jeep. Brian asked me if I got anywhere with the write off. I said it has been extremely difficult. He told me he’s not surprised by those “fucking assholes”. He got me to sign the release and then we went and did a walk through. I noticed the rim wasn’t touched, he said the appraiser took it off the list. I asked if the alignment and brake warning light were fixed. Brian said the appraiser took that off too and they’re going to have to call Intact to get it figured out. Also there is a side door moulding that is backordered. So technically my Jeep wasn’t even done.

Wednesday March 16 4:06 PM called adjuster, not available.

Wednesday March 16 4:09 PM called adjuster, not available. Pressed 0 to speak with someone else. I asked why the rim, alignment and warning light weren’t fixed. The girl said she would have to call the appraiser to find out. She gets back to me that I would have to take it in again at some point, another wasted day. Also the warning light the appraiser said that I would have to take it in somewhere myself and pay for a diagnostic to find out if it is actually related to the accident… Obviously I argued this but got no where, she was just relaying the message from the appraiser. There wasn’t a set time to have the rim and alignment done.


So this is where I am at. Craftsman is a crooked bodyshop that obviously was lying about what was actually happening so they could get the money to fix my Jeep. And an Insurance company that sent me there to get screwed over and led me on the entire time. In the middle of buying another SUV. All in an accident that was deemed 100% not my fault. I have wasted countless hours on this.


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