Jamie Michelle

What do you do when you’re closing in on 30, addicted to other peoples coke all while hitting rock bottom and basically homeless? There’s generally three main choices a girl can fall back onto, some dive into stripping or porn. For others, escorting is a more discreet way to earn a living, all while living a relatively normal life. Then there’s option 3, because heaven forbid a thirsty 25+ year old get an actual job; Playboy – Cam girl porn. Playboy was a more respected brand 5 years ago, now branched off around the world and basically broke; they have nose dived with a roster of mostly scabs and drug attics. They tried to turn their magazine around to basically a nudeless, paper click bait – ad cesspool. So excuse me for being skeptical when a girl gets excited for being on a page halfway through a Mexican issue.  Jamie Michelle is an older girl, I feel like she made a lot of bad choices in her life and still has not found a real man that can get her out of the hole that she buried herself into trying to pay for that boob job. Now she does straight porn, you can see what I mean here. I hope someday soon she can find real love from a nice rich guy so she can turn the cam off and worry about which island they’re going to visit every month. Scroll through and feel better about yourself that you don’t have to snap randoms to afford lunch.

You guys miss me yet? . . ?@ikandicouture . ?@ogfoto

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Touch me without using your hands.? . . Shot by @ogfoto Glam @ikandicouture

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PS4: MiissJamie Xbox same gamer tag ? . Leave your gamer tag?? . ? @ogfoto ?@ikandicouture . .

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He loves me?… .❤️ . . . He loves me not?…?

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???????????????????? @ryan.gunter

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ᑕ⚙ᗰƎ Ꮤᗩ✞ᑕℍ ✞ℍƎ ᔕυИᔕƎ✞ ᏔᎥ✞ℍ ᗰƎ! . ?@eyecandycoutture . . ?@ogfoto

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Ana Cheri

By now, most of you know; Ana Cheri is a household name in the social media world. What many of you didn’t know is that she has been married this whole time and is well on her way to the wonderful year of 40, 1984 I believe was her year of birth. It’s hard to say who’s making all the bucks in the relationship but lack of jealousy is something you would need to be with someone who banks on daily thirsty posts and the few Playboy(Rip) shoots. My take is that It fills the ego knowing that thousands of dudes jerk off to your woman everyday. Maybe he forces her exploitation. Either way, we are the winners here friends. I honestly hope they can work things out and make it forever, they’ve come this far. If you skipped ahead and only came here for tits then you can click for an old NSFW gallery. You can also buy her merch here.


? BADDIE #CaribbeanVibes #AnaCheri . Photo: @ajh_photography Makeup: @baileyvalente WWW. ANACHERI. COM

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ISLAND SHOWERS ?? . . Photo: @ajh_photography Makeup: @baileyvalente #2017Calendar

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Texts that make you go.. ??? . . #GetFitGirls

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-Shapes and Shadows- Another good one from my shoot in Paris ?? Happy Saturday.

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Happy Sunday Lovers! ☀️ Photo from my shoot with @dreamstatelive for @yandy ?✨

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Live free and dream big ?? #Wanderlust

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Jaylene Cook

Jaylene Cook is the New Zealander that I’m on the fence about and not just because of the 90’s tramp stamp that looks photoshopped or the ungodly amount of makeup to create her look. There’s an extremely boring and unfulfilling NSFW photoshoot she did for Playboy Mexico (what a joke) years ago that is so bad she’s actually embarrassed about it. She must’ve been pretty desperate for rent money to let those guys make jerkoff material. I’m hoping she never has to stoop that low again, hopefully her boy friend can start pulling more weight and paying the bills. Sometimes it’s hard to see what girls will do for a fast buck. Playboy in general makes me shudder, let alone one of the knockoff dirtbag editions. You can see her trash tattoo and body HERE. Click here for a nice article about her doing the only thing she knows, taking her clothes off in a sacred place that makes everyone hate her..

✨✨✨ @kounelliphotography ?

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Shower fresh ? @theswis ?

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Sarah McDaniel

Sarah McDaniel has finally come out with a nude shoot and I’ve heard it’s a big deal. I guess she did some Playboy stuff (didn’t know they were still around) and fans were pissed that she decided not to #freethenipple then. I honestly haven’t heard about her before this so there’s a first for everything. You guys have something to get excited about, she set precedent in the fact that now it’s not a big deal to get completely naked in front of a camera anymore. You could say she’s into softcore porn now, usually it’s the gateway for greater things. Maybe one day she’ll be low on rent money and end up having to make that choice whether to be evicted or just accept that offer from the casting couch. There’s a rumor that she uses a contact lens to fake the heterochromia, honestly who cares. Girls lie about everything anyway so this wouldn’t surprise me at all. At least if it’s true, it’s working and it’s helping her get ahead. It’s kinda like those people that lie about having cancer to get free donations. Obviously they needed the money. I hope she get’s what she’s looking for. Click for NSFW gallery.



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The lotion of the ocean ?

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?FIGI WATER ???? @omweekend ?? #arsenic

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End of April Humpday

Welcome to another Humpday. It’s real, it’s life, it’s what fills our workday full of distractions. Now scroll through and get back to it.

#sundaybumday #arsenic taken by @mrmortonovich

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When you sit on a beach chair and then you get up with these marks ?

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G banga’s ??

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My partner in crime ???

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Take you to a paradise far far away, we’ll return again some other day ☀️ @marilynhue

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Still my favourite photo this year. What’s yours? ?

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I really love your ?s Wanna shake your ?

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Work out results coming along ?? #workout #weights

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Amy Lee Summers

Amy Lee Summers is on Playboy cyber(even worse than regular Playboy). I have her new NSFW gallery, I’m going to warn you that it’s more boring than you could probably imagine. It’s not her fault, I see a lot of potential. Those dumbasses at Playboy are running shit into the ground, they are tired and burning out. If you feel like looking at some non life changing tits, click.