Paige Marie Evans

In my random search of today’s post, I came across Australian Paige Marie Evans who I’m sure all of us have never heard of. I’m not even a bit surprised, the Aussies have been giving the world some great tail this generation. I’m no scientist but I have this feeling it has something to do with finally breeding out all the bad British genes that has plagued the continent for the last 200 years. But as usual, the joke is on the UK. They’re left with a bunch of beat, crooked teeth, stupid sounding inbreeds (sorry?) while the land of tomorrow is pumping out models left and right.

Daily thought: Sometimes I wonder if certain girls actually want to be in porn or adult magazines. Does peer pressure still exist at older ages. Do they get unknowingly get forced into these situations by friends that made poor decisions themselves, maybe their deadbeat boyfriend wants the extra cash. I guess either way and in the end, just be your own person. Friends come and go. There isn’t anything that dictates whether you can drop everything and start from scratch.

Paige, I’m a fan but remember, blonde is definitely your color; stick with that. Good luck on your journey, whatever it is you’re after.

There’s a fairly safe for work gallery you can check out.


Courtnie Quinlan

Everyone’s talking about that terrible, washedup, hasbeen pornstar “Kim Kardashian West”. GQ is one of the media outlets that I used to respect, but is now on the bank roll to keep that lazy blob relevant. The only way that she can seem to get attention to her is by getting completely naked, she’s boring and tired. So in light of this situation I found an NSFW gallery of UK Glamour Model(softcore pornstar) Courtnie Quinlan. I guess the difference here is Coutnie probably isn’t a terrible person, doesn’t deny what she is and isn’t an obese Armenian. So click for the NSFW Gallery and continue with your normal life.


King Courtnie ? #shoot #location

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? Can’t call work ‘work’ when you get to see a load of your fit friends ?? #ClassicCourtnieBumShot

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Currently in paradise ☀️??

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By my bestie @chrisconwayphotography ❤️ makeup by gorgeous @beccasearle #summer #lolly #bikini #sunnies

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Sabine Jemeljanova

If you are new here, every Tuesday I scour the internet looking for models either around since as far as I can remember or hitting their expiration date. It just so happens that 90% of these girls are UK Glamour models, which is the proper fancy word for softcore pornstar. Sabine Jemeljanova takes the spot this week. I give her credit and assume she has a few years left in her but I’m praying to god that she locks someone down soon for the ultimate goal of retirement. You can’t keep flashing your 35+ tits every year expecting top dollar. Your value erodes with age. I have attached a NSFW gallery you can check out. A side note, I’ve heard you can “book” her to hang out. Click for Gallery.


#photography by @justwilliet some time ago now! #lingerie #makeup #hair ??

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#photography by @justwilliet ? #body #makeup by me ??

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#worktime #lingerie #nomakup #bts ?#london

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Holly Peers Gallery

In this edition of Tuesday’s This Old Lady we have an OG from Zoo magazine, softcore porn star (Glamour model) Holly Peers. She’s been in the game for years and the word lately is she found someone to lock down. It’s time to pack it in and she realizes it, I respect that. She cashed in as much as she could using her god given tits and it’s starting to look like a fairytale ending. I wish her good luck. I have attached a NSFW gallery of her latest.


May contain nudes ? go check out @maycontaingirl for full images ?

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It’s Thursday AM here so #tbt to me and @lovefromreyn ? I miss you and wish you could be here! ?

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??? @maycontaingirl

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Using my oil for my face, hair and body today! @proteinworld raw organic coconut oil is my must have holiday product ?

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India Reynolds

Welcome back to a new edition of this Old Lady Tuesday. Where Glamour models(softcore pornstars) sweep it up every week because most have been in the game for many years. This week I am featuring India Reynolds. I have attached a full NSFW gallery and you can see as you scroll down the remarkable transformation in just a few months time. She is getting old with not too many years left in her. She has some shop which nobody cares about Here.


When you aren’t at #coachella but you have your outfit ready! ? #ladreaming playsuit @officialplt #prettylittlething

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London bound ?⛴

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Black multi way swimsuit online @LaceFromReyn now ???

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This bikini just arrived on @lacefromreyn ❤️

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Melissa Debling

In this fine Tuesday’s edition of This Old Lady I bring you UK glamour model(softcore pornstar) Melissa Debling. If one of your main concerns in life are sacks of fat that hang off the front of a females chest, then you came to the right place. Melissa Debling delivers. Even though she’s not exactly 40, the high mileage is starting to show. She has a few years left in her, as long as she keeps painting on her eyebrows. I have attached a NSFW gallery. #freethenipple one day at a time friends.


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