Antje Utgaard for Social Media

Antje Utgaardis is someone to look up to and take note. People around the world are growing up with massive debts for the moneygrab scam of going to college and getting a “career”. After graduation, it’s estimated that only 14% will get a job in their degree, turning into a mere 27% after years of searching. The rest end up picking up work that barely makes all their payments. Some girls have a hard time and it’s usually because they have too much pride to utilize their natural fallback; using their bodies for money. There are different levels of this, some are escorting, stripping or pornstars, there are a few that have capitalized on the social media platform to make money off slinging protein powder and detox teas or even your standard modeling. Then there are the ones that locked down a rich guy early. Antje is modeling and dabbling in the social media game to keep the hype and I’m a fan of her work. She’s going places with those tits and I hope she finds a nice rich guy, you can only Instagram for so many years and Playboy shot themselves in the face.

Side note: I feel bad that those simple creeps at The Chive and Playboy compared her to Kate Upton, fucking gross.